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Review of “Palaka Pencil (The Diary of a Man)” by Rajireddy Pooduri

Nov 27, 2013

Kolluri Somashankar reviews “Palaka Pencil (The Diary of a Man)” by Rajireddy Pooduri…more here (Telugu).

Autobiography of a Few Tireless Waves

Oct 30, 2013

A review of “Palaka Pencil (The Diary of a Man)” by Rajireddy Pooduri…more here (Telugu).

New Release from Saaranga Books: “Palaka Pencil (The Diary of a Man)” by Rajireddy Pooduri

July 17, 2013

Announcing a new Telugu fiction title, “Palaka Pencil (The Diary of a Man)” by Rajireddy Pooduri…more here (Telugu).

New Release from Saaranga Books: “Sufi Cheppina Katha” from Kerala Sahitya Academy Award Winner

July 17, 2013

Saaranga Books just launched a new Telugu translation, by L. R. Swamy, of the Malayalam language original and a recepient of Kerala Sahitya Academy Award, “Sufi Paranja Katha,” by K.P. Ramanunni…more here (Telugu).

Saaranga Books Are Now Available on Apple iBooks Platform

Sept 20, 2012

We are thrilled to announce that two of our books, Tanhayi and Yamakoopam, are now available on Apple iBooks platform. Starting today, you can read these books on any version of iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or on any iOS device. Each book page on our site is updated with a link “iPad” that takes you to the Apple’s iBookstore, where you can buy the iBook and review the book. We are now preparing Aneka, our first print book we published, to be available soon on iBooks.

This is a big step both for the Telugu literature and for Saaranga Books. We hope to bring our readers many such high quality books on various other digital platforms also.

As of now, these iBooks are for sale outside India. We are not exactly sure when they will be available in India, as it’s all up to Apple.

Saaranga Books Adds a Regional Manager in India

Sept 20, 2012

We are pleased to let our readers and partners know that Jyothi Valaboju has joined us as a Regional Manager in India, starting August 2012. Based in Hyderabad, India, Jyothi will oversee India operations including preparing the books for publication, working with the printers, distributors, and making books available for purchase.

For all your questions, including questions on where to purchase Saaranga Books, please don’t hesitate to contact Jyothi.

New Saaranga Books Website Launched

Sept 20, 2012

On the occasion of our iBooks announcement, and of the addition of a new Regional India Manager, we are also launching a new look and feel to the Saaranga Books website. You can visit our old Website by clicking here.

“Tanhayi” in Telugu weekly “Andhra Bhoomi”

Jan 24, 2012

“Tanhayi” reviewed in Jan 21st issue of Telugu Weekly “Andhra Bhoomi”…more here (Telugu).

Review of “Tanhayi”

Jan 24, 2012

“Tanhayi” reviewed…more here (Telugu).

Review of “Tanhayi” and “Yamakoopam” in Telugu weekly “Sakshi”

Jan 8, 2012

“Tanhayi” and “Yamakoopam” reviewed in Telugu weekly “Sakshi,”…more here (Telugu).

“Tanhayi” in Open Dias

Dec 14, 2011

“Tanhayi” reviewed in Open Dias section of Telugu weekly “Andhra Jyothi Vividha,”…more here (Telugu).

From Jenny to Nalini

Dec 6, 2011

An essay published in Telugu weekly “Andhra Jyothi Vividha,” on “Yamakoopam,” a new edition of Aleksander Kuprin’s famous Russian classic in Telugu translation…more here (Telugu).

Announcing Inaugural Title in Saaranga Encores Series

Dec 1, 2011

Announcing the release of “Yamakoopam,” a new edition of the famous Russian classic in Telugu translation…more here (Telugu).

New Release from Saaranga Books

Dec 1, 2011

Announcing the release of “Tanhayi,” a new fiction title from Saaranga…more here (Telugu).

“Aneka” in “Navya” weekly

Sept 29, 2011

Poet Ramachandra Mouli on “Aneka.” Appeared in September 2011 edition of Telugu weekly “Navya”…more here (Telugu).

“Aneka” in Telugu daily “Eenaadu”

Mar 27, 2011

Appeared in March 11th edition of Telugu daily “Eenaadu”… more here (Telugu).

“Aneka” featured in socio-political monthly “Ee Bhoomi”

Mar 27, 2011

Appeared in March edition of socio-political monthly magazine “Ee Bhoomi”… more here (Telugu).

Review in Pustakam.net of “Aneka”

Mar 11, 2011

Appeared in Telugu book review site Pustakam.net… more here (Telugu).

Review in Varta: “Aneka” A Torrential Force

Mar 5, 2011

Appeared in Sunday edition of Varta magazine…more here (Telugu).

A New Plurality – A Polemic on “Aneka” in “Andhra Jyothi Vividha”

Feb 14, 2011

“Aneka” appeared to have struck a cord among the Telugu readers and critics alike… Read Satyaranjan’s take here (Telugu).

A Critical Examination of “Aneka” in “Andhra Jyothi”

Feb 6, 2011

K. Anandachari casts his critical eye on “Aneka,” with a followup discussion…more here (Telugu).

“Aneka” in Telugu weekly “Andhra Jyothi”

Jan 10, 2011

Aneka featured in Vividha section of Telugu weekly “Andhra Jyothi”…more here (Telugu).

“Aneka” Released at Vijaywada Book Festival

Jan 2, 2011

Aneka launched at Vijaywada Book Festival…more here (Telugu).

Praise for “Aneka”

Dec 10, 2010

Praise for Aneka, from none other than Sivareddy… here (Telugu).

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